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Hollywood Feed University Hosts Online Course on How to Treat Common Skin Conditions in Pets

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September 29, 2020
Hollywood Feed University Hosts Online Course on How to Treat Common Skin Conditions in Pets

Hollywood Feed recently hosted a free virtual class, entitled Dermatology and Our Pets, taught by board-certified veterinary dermatologist, Dr. Tina Brown. The course was part of Hollywood Feed’s free, pet wellness education resource known as Hollywood Feed University. This particular seminar focused on common skin conditions in pets, including allergies and ear infections. A recording of the class can be viewed on the website at
Dr. Brown opened by explaining the order in which to check pets for various skin issues. She mentioned that it is very important to notice where on the pet's body the irritation is located. Dr. Brown noted that pet owners should first rule out causes of itching other than allergies by checking for fleas, yeast or bacteria. Pet owners should treat these issues and then, if the pet is still itching, test for allergies. 
A pet suffering from allergies does not mean that the pet has a poor immune system. Allergies may mean the pet's immune system is actually over-working and needs to be retrained to tolerate the allergies. Dr. Brown emphasized that it is always a good idea to do a skin scrape on a pet . A skin scrape will look for scabies mites, which are contagious from pet to pet and can even infect humans in contact. Dr. Brown shared that it is also a good idea to do a skin cytology to diagnose secondary bacteria or a possible yeast infection in a pet. Sometimes oral antibiotics or oral antifungals and topical treatments can treat these issues. Pets can develop antibiotic resistance over time. It is suggested that, if a pet is going to try an antibiotic, the pet should be on the antibiotic for a minimum of three weeks or one week after the infection resolves. 
Dr. Brown emphasized the importance of treating secondary infections to help reduce skin issues and itching in pets. It is important to continue with an antibiotic until the secondary infection is resolved in order to prevent resistance. Topical therapy is also very important including frequent bathing and making changes around the home to avoid allergens.

Dr. Brown also mentioned foods as possible flare factors in pets. Food hypersensitivity can occur at any age. The best way to test for food allergies in pets is a strict elimination diet and reintroducing foods in order to see what causes the reaction to flare up.

Throughout the presentation, Dr. Brown showed many pictures with examples of different skin issues on pets so that attendees may better recognize and identify these on their own pets. Dr. Brown held an interactive Q&A session with attendees and posted several polls to gage various skin issues of attendees' pets. She ended by emphasizing that the most important action that a pet owner can take in order to properly care for their pet's skin is allergy testing.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Tina Brown grew up on a commercial dairy farm near Tuscaloosa, AL. She attended Auburn University and received her Bachelor of Science in 1996. She then pursued a graduate degree at the College of Veterinary Medicine and received her Master of Science degree in biomedical sciences with a research focus on endocrinology. She was accepted into the veterinary program and received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from Auburn University in 2004.

Following veterinary school, Dr. Brown worked in private practice in Chattanooga, TN, where she developed a special interest in dermatology. She returned to academia and completed a one-year rotating internship in companion medicine and surgery at Louisiana State University. She was accepted for a residency in dermatology at LSU and completed her training in 2008. During her residency, she conducted research in the Pythium Laboratory at LSU and continues to have a special interest in deep fungal and bacterial infections of the skin.

Dr. Brown is now a board-certified dermatologist and a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Dermatology (ACVD). She specializes in diseases of the skin, ears, and claws due to allergic, parasitic, autoimmune, endocrine, and infectious causes. She has extensive experience in the management of chronic skin and ear infections secondary to allergies and offers advanced diagnostics and treatments such as intradermal (skin) allergy testing and formulation of allergen specific immunotherapy.

Dr. Brown has four dogs and three cats. In her spare time, she enjoys visiting her family farm in Alabama and taking her dogs to the off-leash dog park at Shelby Farms.

ABOUT HOLLYWOOD FEED: Hollywood Feed serves pets, their owners, caretakers and communities in 105+ stores across 14 states. Consistently ranking atop consumer choice awards in the markets it serves, Hollywood Feed and its family of brands have most recently been named Best Pet Supply Stores by Dallas A-List, Best Pet Store by The Memphis Flyer, Best Self Atlanta Magazine's Best Pet Store, Best Pet Food and Supplies in the Best of Denton County Awards, and Best New Business by Cary Living Magazine in North Carolina. Hollywood Feed proudly stands by its brand promise: If your pet doesn’t love it or if you don’t love it, we will gladly replace or refund it. Learn more about Hollywood Feed at and For more information on Hollywood Feed University, visit
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