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Real Estate Agent

Russells Development LLC dba EXIT Realty Wallstreets
Job Description
A Real Estate Agent is responsible for helping clients with every aspect of the real estate transaction process. Clients need real estate agents to help them market and sell their homes and guide them through finding a home to purchase. In this position, you will advise clients on preparing their homes for a quick and profitable sale and help them search for a new home to call their own. The real estate market is constantly evolving, and we need Real Estate Agents who thrive on using their creativity to close sales.

Some experience is needed for this position, but the ideal Real Estate Agent candidate enjoys working in a fast-paced environment that requires dynamic and creative solutions to help them stand out to potential clients. Clients know they have myriad real estate agents from which to choose, and it's up to you to make yourself stand out as unique and essential to meeting their real estate needs. This position is best suited to a candidate who is self-motivated and enjoys working independently.

In real estate, compensation is directly tied to performance. The more transactions you complete as a Real Estate Agent, the more compensation you will earn. It's not uncommon for Real Estate Agents to earn over $100,000. The more work you put into establishing a client base, the more money you earn.

Regulatory Notice: While a real estate license is not required to apply, you must obtain a real estate license before officially being hired. To earn a real estate license, you must complete real estate classes (online or in-person) offered by an accredited learning institution and pass a state licensing exam. To learn more about real estate licensing, apply now, and our recruiting team will provide additional details.

Job Responsibilities
As a Real Estate Agent, you will...

Communicate and interact with clients over the phone, e-mail, and social media
Advise and provide information resources to clients on the status of the real estate market
Network and seek referrals to increase your client roster
Craft creative marketing strategies to make your homes stand out
Get to know your clients and their home preferences
Be available to show homes to clients and attend open houses
Represent clients' best interests during purchase and sale negotiations
Advise clients on how to stage, market, and sell their homes quickly for a good profit

As a broker, we will...
Advise you during the training and licensing process and provide follow-up resources so you can be at the top of your field and stand out as a reliable, knowledgeable real estate agent
Provide you with independence and flexibility so you can have an ideal work/life balance
Compensate you at a competitive rate, giving you financial security
Share our real estate technology with you to help you grow and organize your client base

Value prop:

EXIT Realty Wallstreets provides the training, technology, culture, and branding to make over 100%. Teaching agents to build passive and residual income to create retirement security. This is extremely rare in the real estate sales profession.
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